A downloadable game for Windows

A puzzle-platformer created for a class in my Animation and Digital Art course.

In portuguese beacuse we're from Brazil.


  • Platform movement style.
  • The ability to pop your head from your body!
  • The scenario is your enemy!
  • Fans, switches and a whole lot of bubbles.
  • Maaaaaaye a giant bar of soap at the end.


  • Luís Moreira: Programming, game design
  • Eduardo Bruekers: Character design, sprites and game design
  • Mariá Scárdua: Backgrounds and menus
  • Gustavo Mazzeti: scenario elements
  • Camila Velasquez: tilesets and menus
  • Jônatas Martins: music

Install instructions

Just unzip it and play!


BubbleGuy.zip 20 MB

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